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First, do you meet the requirements?

  • Do you have a computer?
  • Do you have the ability to scan your documents, including forms that we will send to you to complete (aka intake, deductions, etc.) You will need to create a PDF.
  • Do your have a printer?
  • Have you created online accounts previously such as for banking or credit cards?

E-Return Process

We will prepare your return following the IRS requirements for the “No-Contact” (E-Return) service.  You must read and accept the IRS Legal Requirements as part of your technical capabilities interview appointment request.

Assuming you meet the technical requirements, we will verify your identity, which may be done using Video Meeting software (either Zoom or Google Meet). Shortly thereafter, you will receive an invitation to your Customer Portal (from to establish your account. Once established, you will be able to:

  1. Upload the completed required forms (see next page) and your tax documents, which will be securely stored in the TaxSlayer software
  2. View a copy of your return for the quality review
  3. Sign your return
  4. Download a copy of your signed return
  5. Participate in a “chat” with the preparer and reviewer
  6. View status of your return being accepted by both the IRS and Oregon Department of Revenue.

Interested? Then reserve a spot for a Technical Interview to get the ball rolling! Send an email to: